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Since it was founded in 1966 to provide the rapidly growing HVAC industry with an independent source of  fan coils, First Operations has earned an enviable reputation as a leader, innovator, and trusted supplier of a broad range of quality HVAC products.     

Manufacturing: The company's production facilities are located in Dallas, Texas where they have steadily grown to their present size of more than 600,00 square feet. The expansive complex boasts both the most up-to-date manufacturing equipment available and a stable, experienced, highly skilled workforce. 

Manufacturing capabilities range from the ability to produce short runs of specialized products built to customer specifications, to the kind of high volume production capacity required in manufacturing the standard two to twenty ton units that comprise the First Co. Products line of commercial and residential air handlers.  

Engineering: Engineered systems produced by the company are characterized by a commitment to quality and performance that  sets a  standard of excellence few companies can match.

Visitors to the First Operations Engineering Department will find a seasoned team of professional engineers and support personnel along with a full complement of the latest computerized development systems and test equipment including  state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor environmental test chambers, and a sophisticated  wind tunnel.


  Residential Product Brochures / Data Sheets  
Condensing Units / Heat Pumps Hot Water Heat Air Handlers
WCU (Split through-the-wall condensing units)
TTW-HP (Split through-the-wall HEAT PUMP condensing unit)
TTW-HP (Color Brochure)
USM (uncased coils)
Single Package Units
SPU (Cooling with electric heat)
SPU-HP (Heat Pump with electric heat)
SPU-HW (Cooling with hot water heat)
Electric Heat Air Handlers
CAP (Ceiling Access Panels)
DFCH (Ductless fan coils - mini-split)
HX / HX-C (Fan coils - uncased/cased)
HYX / PHYX (Fan coils - uncased)
HBX (Vertical/horizontal air handlers)
MBX (Vertical/horizontal air handlers)
THP (Over water heater air handlers)
UC (Recessed wall or closet mount air handlers - replaces RCW)
MBX (Vertical/horizontal air handlers without cooling coil)
Aqua Therm Description (Energy saving space heating system)
CDX-HW-(C) (Uncased/cased fan coils with or without pump module)
CDX-HW-HO-(C) (Uncased/cased fan coils with or without pump module no cooling coil)
CDXQ-(C) (Uncased/cased fan coils with installed pump)
CDXQ-HO-(C) (Uncased heating only fan coil with pump no cooling coil)
FWA (Vertical/horizontal heating only unit with or without pump)
HWC (Cased hot water coils)
HBQB (Vertical/horizontal air handlers with installed pump)
HBXB-HW (Vertical/horizontal air handlers - boiler loop)
MBXB-HW (Vertical/horizontal air handlers - boiler loop)
MBQ-F (Vertical air handlers - with installed pump)
RAQ (Recessed wall or closet mount air handlers)
TAQ (Over the water heater air handlers - with installed pump)
UC-HW (Recessed wall or closet mount air handlers)
UCQ (Recessed wall or closet mount air handlers with pump)
UCQB (Recessed wall or closet mount air handlers with pump & control board)
VAQ (Vertical air handlers - with installed pump)
XHBQB (Heating only version of HBOB)
XHBXB-HW (Heating only verion of HBXB-HW)
  Commercial Product Brochures / Data Sheets  
Ceiling Fan Coil Units Horizontal / Vertical Belt Drives
HBC/PHBC/RHBC/CHBC (Cased and uncased fan coils)
HBC/PHBC/RHBC/CHBC (Blower and fan data)
Ceiling Access Panels (Specifications and application guide)
HYB/PHYB (3-5 ton uncased fan coils)
HH / PHH (Chilled water with electric heat)
Direct Drive Air Handlers
MB/MBE/MB-HW (Vertical/horizontal air handlers)
SHW-DD  (Horizontal air handlers)
CW (Vertical air handlers 2 pipe)
CWE (Vertical air handlers 2 pipe with electric heat)
CW-HW (Vertical air handlers 4 pipe )
SHW/SVW (2-20 ton - Hydronic)
SHX/SVX (2-20 ton - DX)
Floor Console Units
VCB/VFB/VSB (Vertical floor consoles)
VCB/VFB/VSB (Application guide)
WCB (Recessed wall console)
Miscellaneous Products
CWC (Uncased bare hydronic coils)
MB (Mixing boxes)
Autospeed 24v (automatic speed changing thermostat)

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